New H+A Website Goes Live!

By:  Chad Hamilton

We just went online with an entirely new website at – please take a look!  The new site is built around the Squarespace engine, which we hope will allow us to keep the website more current, as well as to include more content that might be interesting to our clients and colleagues in related fields. 

As we develop more content, we’ll be able to post to our site in a few easy steps, without having to use complicated html coding.  One benefit of this for us is that we expect more of our staff will be contributing content to the site – we think it will be interesting to our viewers to hear from more of us, as well.

The site is not yet as deep as our former site, meaning it doesn’t explain individual projects in depth – we plan to add more of this as time goes on.  Our goal with this site is to present viewers with more of feel for how we work, the kinds of things we work on in general, plus some thought-provoking content about what’s going on in our major practice areas of education and civic design.

Please take a look at the new site – we’d love to hear your feedback.