Civic Design

Public projects should reflect the values of their communities – most of our public projects involve working with large and sometimes disparate stakeholder groups, and part of the work we do is to understand each group and work to find common ground so design can move forward in a positive way.

K – 12

School design should reflect new ways of learning, new goals of education, and new ways to teach.  Schools need to reflect the educational vision of their communities, and of the educators who are responsible for making education work.

Other Projects

We have designed a variety of projects that don't fall into neat categories – it's a reflection of our interest in how design can affect people's lives in a positive way.

Higher Education

Campuses that extend education beyond the classroom, and provide social settings that reinforce learning, are just a few ways to accommodate the diverse learning preferences of college students and staff.  College students expect facilities that support the way they work and learn.