Site Visit to Maritime Center

This video documents a visit to the Maritime Center during the renovation of this historic building - it shows the 1943 building lifted up off the ground to allow workers to install a new foundation, shows the "secret exit" for children to slide down from the second floor, and reviews the history and original design thinking about the Maritime Center.

Construction Underway at Burlingame Intermediate School

By:  Shoma Chatterjee

Construction is moving ahead on a new classroom building for Burlingame Intermediate School.  The contractor, Sausal Construction, has been hard at work since beginning work on the site in January.

The new  23,910 sf building includes 12 classrooms, each with access to a breakout space for small-group learning.  The building is designed to enhance 21st century learning, and in response to the specific curriculum ideas of the District.   It's designed as a high-performing learning environment, as well as a sustainable, energy efficient building, including daylighting, natural ventilation and provisions for future energy generation.  Water conservation elements include stormwater treatment designed as an educational feature.  The building will open in Spring 2016.

SFO T3 Construction Tour

Hamilton + Aitken Staff toured SFO’s Terminal 3 Boarding Area E project (BAE), led by Jay Wilson, the Construction Manager from Gensler. Hamilton + Aitken partnered with Gensler/ Hensel Phelps on the LEED GOLD, Design Build BAE project, and we were able to tour the construction site while a number of activities were going on.

All of the spaces were framed and finishes were being applied to the floor, walls, and ceilings, so we got a good idea of the look and feel of the finished space. The exterior curtain walls were also installed, and Hensel Phelps was beginning to install the fins at each mullion for daylighting control. The new skylights provide a generous amount of natural light to the center of the space.

We talked with Jay about the new fire suppression system and toured the HVAC system rooms to see the equipment for supply and return air, which were so large you could walk through them if there were no grills. We also saw a small portion of our T3 East Renovation project including the connector to BAE and the temporary tunnel that the public will pass through while work is being done on the surrounding areas. It was exciting to see the progress of our work.

Transbay Transit Center Tour

Hamilton + Aitken staff were able to get a backstage tour of the Transbay Transit Center, currently under construction. Tour-goers were impressed by the structural design as well as the geothermal system.  Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the new 5-story Transit Center features a Caltrain and California High Speed Rail terminal at the bottom, a shopping center level, a concourse level, a bus terminal level, and a 5.4 acre park on the roof.  According to the guide, Ned Kahn’s water jets at the park will correspond to the level of activity on the bus deck, so perhaps you will be able to tell whether your bus has arrived by the height of the water jet.