Site Visit to Maritime Center

This video documents a visit to the Maritime Center during the renovation of this historic building - it shows the 1943 building lifted up off the ground to allow workers to install a new foundation, shows the "secret exit" for children to slide down from the second floor, and reviews the history and original design thinking about the Maritime Center.

The Architecture of Ideal Learning Environments – Edutopia

This article from Edutopia shares insights on learning environments, especially the relationship between transparency, flexibility and collaborative learning environments. It includes an interesting diagram showing "hardening" of school access points and providing multiple escape routes from learning areas.



Our Steelcase buoy chairs are finally here! We’re testing out furniture for education spaces in preparation for our upcoming office renovation.  The buoys let us fidget, spin, and be more mobile at work.  Plus, they bring a kind of techno hobbit vibe to the space.  No work injuries have occurred so far, but our cores are definitely feeling it.

Innovative Learning

H+A designers recently attended the Innovative Learning Conference at Nueva School where they were able to hear about design thinking, neuroscience in education, re-imagining education, and digital learning firsthand from experts such as Kim Saxe, Paul Chapman, Dacher Keltner, and more. We were particularly impressed with the interdisciplinary, project-based learning presentation about Brunelleschi’s Dome by Nueva students and teachers.  We also got to tour the school’s Innovation Lab and hear directly from dschool’s Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft who helped design it. It was great to talk with students, teachers, and thought leaders about how education is changing and what we as designers can do to facilitate further innovation.