Dolores Park - Summer in the City

After a long renovation, Dolores Park opened to the public.  In addition to providing accessible graded paths connecting all parts of the Park, two new restroom buildings provide clean facilities to Park users, and a new underground maintenance building under the tennis courts helps keep the Park in good condition.  

The San Francisco Recreation & Park Department began a $20.5 million renovation project through the Clean & Safe Park Neighborhood Bond program. Led by H+A Architects and RHAA Landscape Architects, a series of community meetings provided the opportunity for many diverse stakeholders from neighboring areas to give input to the conceptual design of the project. Input from local community members, neighbors, merchants, the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, the San Francisco Department of Public Works, and other major stakeholders shaped the final design. Dolores Park was fully reopened in January 2016 with a public celebration. The Park now contains six tennis courts, a multi-use court, a basketball court, a sports field, the Helen Diller Playground, a pissoir, two off-leash dog areas, acres of welcoming lawn, and two public restrooms.